Wednesday, August 3, 2011

What a YEAR! (and a few months)

I'm going to briefly try and explain everything that has happened over this past year! I did some quick calculations and over the past year (and a few months) this is what we've done:

225+ (I lost count) Dr & Therapy Appointments
Colton had at least 2 therapy appointments each week (feeding therapy and occupational therapy)

Bennett had a physical therapy appointment once a week for 6 months. He had a "Torticollis" (I'll let you google that) from a combination of his position in the womb and from having reflux. Thankfully we had a great pediatrician who got us on the right meds and the right formula for his reflux as well as a milk protein allergy. BUT it required A LOT of Dr. appointments and tests! Also because of the reflux he had 5 sets of ear infections by the time he was 6 months old. (Again lots of dr's appts and meds!)

Becky - As for me... because of Bennett's strong little body while I was pregnant with him, he pretty much was draining me of all my iron. (By the time he was born my hemoglobin was at 7.2 - normal is over 12) Oh and that was while I was taking 3 iron pills a day! (yeah my tummy wasn't happy!) So right after he was born they gave me a shot (no idea what it's called) to stop the bleeding. It worked - the bleeding stopped and my hemoglobin levels didn't drop further and I didn't need a blood transfusion but it also caused my blood pressure to rise. So, long story short, for the next 5 months I was seeing a Hematologist (for my anemia) and my regular family dr (for the high blood pressure). These appointments were almost weekly and they both ran lots of tests to determine... drum roll please... I'm anemic! Ha Ha Thankfully that was all, but I tried to tell them that from the beginning!

We also had a bad case of the stomach flu pass between us all right before Christmas. I tried my best, but on Christmas Eve, right after I finished putting out the presents I succumbed and started throwing up! We actually had to stay home from all of the family activities - it was so sad :(.

We also had 3 Surgeries! (not including the C-Section for Bennett)
Last summer, Colton stepped on a piece of glass and we thought we got it all, but a few weeks later we noticed he was still limping and sure enough after an x-ray they discovered a small piece... so the next day we went in for an outpatient surgery to get it out! About 6 months later, Colton also had his tonsils and adenoids taken out. AND if that's not enough... on the same day, Bennett got tubes in his ears! The same ENT did both the boys' surgeries! She was great and we're so happy we did it! Bennett has had only one ear infection since and it cleared up within 2 days!

Finally, due to our "unemployment situation" I let my part-time-fun-job become my full-time(still fun but not as much)-job. I logged 350 basketball games (NBA, College, & International). I would "go to work" (lock myself in our bedroom and sit at the computer) around 3pm and usually come out around 11pm.

Are you wondering what Seth was doing all this year... Well, he spent every day applying for jobs and contacting different people/recruiters/colleagues! And as you have all heard by now... HE GOT A JOB! Yep, we're moving to Silver City NM this Saturday! (I should be packing, but I realized if I don't write this before we move, I'll never do it!)

So... if you're wondering why my blog has not been updated... or why you haven't seen me even though we're in the same neighborhood (or ward for that matter :))... now you know! Ha Ha

I better end this now - it's past midnight and believe it or not, Colton has his last occupational therapy appointment in the morning and Bennett has an appointment with the Pediatric GI in the afternoon! No rest for the weary... :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bennett Joshua Traeger

Bennett Joshua Traeger
Born May 19, 2010 at 9:31am
9lbs 10oz
21 3/4 in long

Mommy & Bennett are doing great!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

One More Day...

Ok, with only one more day until Bennett is born, I figured I better update our happenings over the last few months... (otherwise once he's born, I'm sure it'll get lost in the shuffle) So, here's what we've been up to in pictures.

Back in March we went to Disneyland. Thanks to Seth's parents we were able to make a quick 2 day trip to Disneyland with Colton. We had SO MUCH FUN!! (My sister, Emily, attributes it to having 3 adults to 1 child) Colton LOVED everything about Disneyland and still wants to go back. For a "Sensory-Seeker" like Colton, his favorite was, of course, the Teacups! You've got to watch the video of him (especially watch his tongue).

Colton, Seth and my dad rode the Teacups a total of 6 times! He would've gone for more but Seth and dad were getting sick! I did ride it the last time though and no barfing :)
Since Christmas, Colton has been wanting to go camping. In fact, all he wanted for Christmas was a camping tent! On Friday, he got to go on his first Father's and Sons camp out. He was so excited and had so much FUN! He got to go hiking and swimming and cook his hotdog over the fire - Oh and of course sleep in a tent with a sleeping bag! He's all boy for sure!

So while Seth, Colton, Marc, Parker and Austin were at Father's and Sons, the "Girls" had a nice relaxing dinner at Cheesecake Factory - Ok, Ok, with 3 little girls it wasn't that relaxing but we did have fun!

On Saturday, the boys got home early and turned around and we all drove to the Gila Valley Temple open house. I was so excited for Colton to get to see inside of a Temple! It was pretty crowded but I think he liked it.

And one more picture for posterity (since I didn't take one right before I had Colton) And if you can believe it I was even bigger with Colton!

Not sure what's up with my face!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


We borrowed Seth's parents camera last night and shot some video of Colton so we could finally update our blog!

I was serious when I said I can't blog without pictures/videos.

January/February has been great and Colton has hit so many milestones.

First, he moved up to the Sunbeam class at church and really had no issues making the transition.

Second, he "graduated" from speech therapy! It was 2 years ago in January that this whole process began and we can't believe how far he's come! The best is hearing him say the word "graduated"...

Third, he got to give the scripture during Primary Sharing Time. We had been working on memorizing the 1st Article of Faith so that was the scripture he did - all by himself! (He started getting nervous about it right before Church though, so I had to promise him some chocolate chips as a reward). He did it though without any help and was so cute! I'm pretty sure that even six months ago I didn't think this would be possible.

Colton reciting the First Article of Faith

Colton singing "Jesus Wants Me for a Sunbeam"

I've promised myself that when I'm having a hard day with Colton I'll watch these videos to remind myself just how great he is!

We are still looking for permanent employment but know that it will all happen according to Heavenly Father's timetable and not our own... although there are times when we wish He didn't "trust" us so much!

Our little baby boy is getting bigger... if you've seen me lately you know what I mean. I'll have to borrow the camera again and take a picture. Almost on a daily basis Colton walks up to me and says right to my belly: "Baby Bennett, can you hear me in there?" It still cracks me up! Oh and yeah, we're pretty sure he's going to be named Bennett! Still not sure on a middle name but we've got time.

Monday, December 28, 2009

It's a...


Sunday, December 27, 2009

Six Years Ago Today...

Friday, December 18, 2009

Pardon the Post Drought...

Ok, so a month ago our camera died... and apparently I can't post without pics - ha ha

So, in the meantime, please enjoy this HILARIOUS skit by Conan O'Brien entitled "A Song for the Mormons" - it just cracks me up!