Thursday, January 24, 2008

Can You Hear Me Now?

Our January has been pretty rough! For the first 2 weeks Colton slept through the night only twice! So I finally took him in to the dr thinking it was an ear infection, but it was just 4 TEETH coming through! He's been gnawing on everything since September and now he's finally getting the last of his teeth! Hooray - except there are still the 2 year old molars to look forward too. :)

(This is how Colton folds his arms)

He had his 18 month checkup and I had been concerned for a while that he wasn't hearing normally - for example he has some toys that have music that he puts right up to his ears and he still doesn't have any words! We work on "mama" and "dada" everyday. So the first question the doctor asks is, "How many words does he know?" So I was able to explain my concerns and she explained that sometimes they can only hear certain tones, etc... and that we should schedule a hearing test (they're going to put headphones and electrodes on him to measure brain wave activity ? - that's how they can tell if he's hearing something or not) She also wanted to have him do a speech evaluation which I think is funny considering he's not going to be doing much speaking - ha ha - so that is scheduled for next month at Phoenix Children's Hospital. I'm interested to see what comes of it...

Now, with all of that said, as you can see from the video below we know he can hear and understand when we ask him if he wants to go to timeout and he shakes his head no. He just cracks us up. At his 18mo check up he got 5 immunizations (4 different shots) and that afternoon he had a fever (as predicted) we gave him tylenol and motrin for that day and into the next day. The next night his fever spiked to 106! So we took him to an Urgent Care where he was diagnosed with pnemonia! Yeah, we were shocked - he wasn't even coughing. So two more sleepless nights later and 4 more doses of antibiotics and we finally got our little man back to his usual hyper self!

See what I mean when I say that January was a bad month! (knock on wood since it's not over yet :)

Do You Need to Go to Timeout?

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Thursday, January 3, 2008

Me"WII" Christmas and Happy New Year

Yes, we actually got a Wii for Christmas! Can you believe it? Good news is that we got it used and with extra stuff for a GREAT deal! We had so much fun playing it with all of the family. Seriously, my dad, brothers, sisters, niece & nephew, and all of my brother and sister-in-laws had a blast playing. Wherever we went on Christmas we took the Wii with us. It was quite entertaining. The best though is that Colton will now take one of the controllers and stand at the tv "trying" to play - it makes Seth and I laugh (and get a little scared) at how much he watches and mimics everything we do. We did SO much these last few weeks that it would be a novel if I tried to write it all down, so here's some of the highlights in pics!
This was from our ward Christmas party... As you can see, Colton took the classic Santa picture. Isn't that such a sad face?The Saturday, before Christmas, we packed up all our stuff and all of our Christmas presents and drove out to my parents in Queen Creek (1 hr 15min) to spend the week with all of our family. Our car was so loaded up that (as you can see) the only room left was for Colton and his car seat. He doesn't look too happy does he? (He was actually about to fall asleep)
My friends from High school - Danny and Micah - host an annual friends Christmas Party. It was so good to go and catch up with everyone. Tricia's in town from Iowa and I hadn't seen Lindsay and Kristy since we moved back - it was sooo good to catch up, even if for just a short time. It's hard to believe that we graduated almost 13 years ago!

After the friends party we went to the Griffin Family Party... yes, another Santa picture. Are we mean or what? Well, as you can tell from the next picture though he figured out quickly that this goofy looking guy was going to give him something and all of a sudden he was happy! Thanks to Nanny-G for providing the present for him to open. (It was a car!) Colton didn't know quite what to think of Christmas morning and unwrapping presents but he quickly caught on. Here he is literally "body slamming" his present from Oma and Opa (A Radio Flyer Red Wagon) Before we left to come back home we discovered my nephew Parker had a hidden talent bowling on the Wii. He beat his mom so she gave him a dollar! Isn't he cute!?