Monday, March 31, 2008


We had a great Easter! The weather was perfect and it was so nice to be with family. Here are some photos... Thanks to my friend, Jen, for trying to get Colton to stand for the group picture at Thunderkids. You know Colton, if everyone else is doing it, then he definitely doesn't want to be doing it! (Thunderkids is a group we go to each week. This group is made up of parents whose spouse or significant other is attending Thunderbird). This week's activity was an Easter Egg hunt. So while the older kids were learning about the ocean, Colton and I went outside to hide the eggs. Colton, however thought he should pick them up after me, so it made hiding them a little harder. I think I really confused him when I then tried to get him to "find" them and put them in his basket... I'm sure if he could talk he'd say, "Sheesh mom! Make up your mind. Can I pick them up or not?"
On Thursday, we met Emily and her kids, along with my mom, at the zoo! We had a blast... but we didn't see too many animals (except for the ones we were toting around). We walked around a lot and tired out our kids though - it was great!

Colton is really starting to enjoy hanging out with his cousins. He loved being in the stroller with Maddie and he loves following Austin around to see what kind of trouble they can get into together. As you can also see, Colton was pooped and promptly fell asleep before we even made it to the freeway! (I took this picture while I was driving - that's why it's not centered!)

Here is Seth and Colton at our Ward Easter Picnic - we didn't even attempt the easter egg hunt here.

On Sunday, we went over to Nanny and Papa's (my grandparents) and Colton finally (3rd time) started to figure out the whole "egg hunt" thing. It definitely helped when he realized that there was chocolate in the eggs!

Colton and his cousin Zane were the only two doing the easter egg hunt at Nanny and Papa's since the next oldest cousin is 8 (I think) I don't think they minded it one bit!

After Nanny and Papa's we went over to Oma's and Opa's (ha ha - that sounds funny) But for some reason I didn't take any pics, but we had a GREAT time over there too! The food was delicious and we had plenty of leftovers to take home!
It is so great to be with family for the holidays!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Our Funny Boy!

Last week, Colton woke up about 11 or so and we could tell by his cry that he wasn't going to go back to sleep without some help. This usually happens about once every 2 weeks - he usually just needs some milk and a diaper change. So Seth got him some milk and went to get him out of his crib. I could hear Seth laughing when he went into Colton's room, so of course I had to find out what was so funny...

Oh, wait, here's a little background first: We have this pink/white gingham check blanket that used to be my mom and dad's (wedding gift - so it's over 30 years old). When Emily (my sis) and I went away to college it was starting to rip (almost down the center) so we thought it would be cool to cut the rest of it and she could take half and I could take half. So, I've had this half the whole time and never sewed it up. When Colton was around 6 months he seemed to like it so I put it in his crib with him. A while later we realized he was pulling out the batting and playing with it in his hands (we guess for comfort). Since then he's carried "fuzz" around almost everywhere he goes. Even friends have said that they've found fuzz at their place after Colton has visited.

Ok, now that you have the background, when Seth went to get him out of the crib, this is what he found:

Yes, that is FUZZ coming out of both of his ears! I started laughing hard too and so Colton started crying louder... once he got his milk though he let us take the picture!

This same week, I was giving Colton a bath. Once he's all cleaned up I let him play (for as long as he wants) while I go and clean up his dinner mess. I hadn't been gone too long when I heard some splashing and went to check on him and this is what I found:

Actually, I found him standing up on the stool completely with a big grin on his face, but by the time I got back with the camera he had gotten down so I had to have him get back on for the pic! I'm still not sure what he was trying to do - this is why I can't wait for him to talk - I'm sure he's going to have a great reason for doing all of these things!
Yes, this all happened in the same week... Colton and I had gone swimming. When we got home I changed him and left him on the couch watching "Curious George" and decided I could hop in the shower really quick and wash my hair. I was not gone more than 7 min (at the most). I walked back into the family room and smelled a poopy diaper, but I didn't see Colton. I closed the bedroom door and to my shock and dismay found that Colton had gone out to the patio and retrieved one of his poopy diapers (from that morning) - he got it out of the plastic bag and smeared it all over my bedroom door! I thought I was going to throw up! Thank heavens for spray cleaners with bleach and antibacterial soap for Colton! So, if you come over to my apartment and notice a poopy diaper by the front door, just know that it's because Colton can open the sliding glass door but not the front door! (oh and I was so disgusted, I just couldn't take a picture - I'm sure you can picture it in your head just fine!)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

McCleve & Hoban - Together Again!

My MTC companion, Robin Davis was in town for the week visiting her family for Easter so we thought it'd be fun to get together with our kiddos... It was so good to see her and all of her kids. Last time I saw her, her oldest was just a baby - Things can sure change in 6 years! ha ha We had fun catching up, although I think next time we'll figure out a way to do it without the kids... here's why:

Colton & I were less than 5 min from her parents house when I hear a funny noise from Colton. I take a quick glance at him and realize he's thrown up all over himself. He proceeded to throw up everything else as I pull up to her house. So, I leave Colton strapped in and run up to the front door. I give Robin a big hug and then ask for some cleaning supplies. We get Colton bathed and his clothes in the wash and take a big sigh since the worst seems to be over. (Colton had just got car sick)

About 30 min later, Robin is holding her youngest, Kevin, when he throws up all over her and himself. So she rushes to get him a bath and clean herself up and start another load of laundry. I decide that this is a good time to finish cleaing out his carseat. I took Colton out to the car so he wouldn't scream the whole time I was gone, plus he enjoys playing in the front seat and pretending he's driving.

I'm almost done cleaning when out of the corner of my eye I see Colton about to fall out (yeah, I didn't close the door - What kind of a mother am I!?) I rushed to grab him, but it was too late he hit the asphault! I felt so bad, I couldn't tell what hit first, his hands or his head... I just kept looking for blood and holding him trying to get him to calm down (and calm myself down). As we're walking back into the house I realize I have blood on my shoulder and that his mouth is bleeding. (See Picture Above) He had bit through the end of his tongue! Luckily, though, it didn't bleed too much and he seemed to calm down once the shock of it wore off...

Needless to say we only stayed about 30 min longer since it was now naptime and the kids were getting restless. We're going to try and get together again before she has to leave (maybe this time without the kiddies!)

I swear these things only happen to me... I wonder why we ever leave the house somedays!? Ha Ha

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Remember The A-Team?

"I just love it when a plan comes together!"

Lately, our plans always seem to get sidetracked, but not this time! We went to my parents house in Queen Creek for an early weekend getaway. Seth took a midterm on Wednesday night and had the next 2 days off from school so we loaded up our car (I am always amazed at how much stuff we have to take for Colton :) and headed out to Queen Creek for a few days.

My dad watched Colton Friday morning so that we could go to the Temple. We made the 6am session! Yeah, I know early! BUT it was great - especially knowing that Colton was still sleeping at that time.

Later that day my sister, Emily, and I took our kids (my 1 and her 4!) to the park and it was so fun to watch Colton playing with his cousins. He is finally enjoying the park with the slides, sand, swings and all of the other amenities that the park offers. While we were at the park, Seth and my dad went to the driving range at the local golf course.

I got to go running that afternoon (4 miles walk/run) and then later that night, after Colton was asleep, Seth and I went to see a movie. We watched "Vantage Point." I liked it, Seth thought it was so-so. I can't believe how much we fit into one day!

On Saturday we went to Parker's B-Day party and then on our way home we stopped to see Oma and Opa in Gilbert. It was a great weekend! Here are some of our pics:

Oh, and this probably deserves it own post, but my little niece, Kinsley born in November has RED HAIR! Yeah, finally another red head! You can't really see it in this picture, but she's making her Aunt Becky proud nonetheless!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Way to go Cory!

Cory you did great! Personally I think that the Sterns' Sean Elliot was much touger on you than that other guy... but way to represent Westwood and ASU! Summer must be so proud :) Oh and I bet Annika loved her 15 min (sec) of fame too! She looked so cute!

Side Note: Cory is a friend from High School who was on the reality tv show "Pro's vs. Joes"... See his site

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Happy Birthday Parker!

Happy Birthday Paker! I can't believe you're 6 years old already! I was so excited when you were born - you were my first nephew! You have always been so cute and funny - some of the things you can come up with just make all of us laugh! Thank you for being such a great cousin to Colton. You are so patient and kind to him. We love you Parker - can't wait to see you today!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mavis Beacon Anyone?

71 words

Speed test

Oh my typing teacher would be so proud!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Introducing Cooper!

This is our newest nephew - Cooper! He was born on February, 21st to Claire and Cody. This is Colton's first Traeger cousin so he's excited too - he was quite fascinated by his nose and eyes. I'm sure Colton will be even happier when Cooper can help him knock over all of the 2 litre bottles at Oma and Opa's.

Holding Cooper I realized just how BIG Colton is now! Then when I saw the diapers I was shocked! Granted Colton never did fit in that size to begin with, but Colton really is growing up and is in full "toddler" mode now.

Congratulations Claire and Cody! Now that you've entered parenthood you must have a blog!

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Thank You Chava!

So many things to blog about and get caught up on... but first things first. I'm laying in bed this morning (awake - but not wanting to be - you know the feeling?) when we get a phone call. It's our neighbor (and fellow "school widow") Chava, wanting to know if I'd like to bring Colton over to her apartment to play for a couple of hours! Seriously? You do know Colton right? He's the one who cries when we leave him anywhere? She assures me that this is ok for her and not too worry. Oh and did I mention that she just had her 2nd baby in Dec?)So, of course I take her up on it and rush him over there before she can change her mind! ha ha

Those 2 hours were the best! I got our bedroom clean - well, clean might be exaggerating, but you can now see our floor though - and I got to go for a good 3 mile run/walk! So, what I thought was going to be a "ho-hum" morning turned into a great one!

THANK YOU SO MUCH CHAVA! I can't wait to be able to return the favor and watch Boston for you!