Wednesday, March 19, 2008

McCleve & Hoban - Together Again!

My MTC companion, Robin Davis was in town for the week visiting her family for Easter so we thought it'd be fun to get together with our kiddos... It was so good to see her and all of her kids. Last time I saw her, her oldest was just a baby - Things can sure change in 6 years! ha ha We had fun catching up, although I think next time we'll figure out a way to do it without the kids... here's why:

Colton & I were less than 5 min from her parents house when I hear a funny noise from Colton. I take a quick glance at him and realize he's thrown up all over himself. He proceeded to throw up everything else as I pull up to her house. So, I leave Colton strapped in and run up to the front door. I give Robin a big hug and then ask for some cleaning supplies. We get Colton bathed and his clothes in the wash and take a big sigh since the worst seems to be over. (Colton had just got car sick)

About 30 min later, Robin is holding her youngest, Kevin, when he throws up all over her and himself. So she rushes to get him a bath and clean herself up and start another load of laundry. I decide that this is a good time to finish cleaing out his carseat. I took Colton out to the car so he wouldn't scream the whole time I was gone, plus he enjoys playing in the front seat and pretending he's driving.

I'm almost done cleaning when out of the corner of my eye I see Colton about to fall out (yeah, I didn't close the door - What kind of a mother am I!?) I rushed to grab him, but it was too late he hit the asphault! I felt so bad, I couldn't tell what hit first, his hands or his head... I just kept looking for blood and holding him trying to get him to calm down (and calm myself down). As we're walking back into the house I realize I have blood on my shoulder and that his mouth is bleeding. (See Picture Above) He had bit through the end of his tongue! Luckily, though, it didn't bleed too much and he seemed to calm down once the shock of it wore off...

Needless to say we only stayed about 30 min longer since it was now naptime and the kids were getting restless. We're going to try and get together again before she has to leave (maybe this time without the kiddies!)

I swear these things only happen to me... I wonder why we ever leave the house somedays!? Ha Ha


Wendy said...

Never a dull moment!

Claire Riding said...

How sad for all of you! I hope Colton is feeling better (his tongue too). I love how you keep your blog so updated. Hopefully one day I'll be able to keep mine as updated.

The Nunes' said...

If I didn't know what a good mom you were I just might have to call CPS!(J/K) I all ready knew the story and I was still trying to figure out what was on your shirt in the picture- that's so sad!

The Nunes' said...

I meant to say GREAT mom!!!

Shelley said...

Oh my, what a day! You're a good mom, every mom has those days!

Hey what part of AZ are you in? I'm contemplating a move there this fall... email me k? hawaiianshells(at)gmail :)