Monday, August 17, 2009

First Day of School!

I can't believe I'm typing this... We just sent Colton off for his first day of school (pre-school) and on a BUS no less! AAGHH! He's only 3! As soon as the bus pulled away I started bawling! Good thing Seth was here to comfort me!

One thing that helped, though, was that Colton was VERY excited to ride the bus. When the bus pulled up he RAN to it (while we're yelling to not run into the street!) And, of course, here are a gazillion pictures of it all!He walked right outside and sat down on the sidewalk to wait for the busAt one point, he got tired of waiting so he just started walking down the sidewalk!

Now I can't wait for him to come home and tell me all about his fun day!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

We're Alive!


Ha Ha - Actually we're doing just fine everyone is happy and healthy... July was a crazy month and it has spilled over into August. We had 4 family birthday's to celebrate, (Yeah, October is a good month to get pregnant in for our family) 2 Road Trips and LOTS of MOVING details to get straight. We're officially moving out on Wednesday (8/12) - we're moving in with my mom. (Yes, it's a good thing :))

Here's some pictures of our recent adventures:

4th of July

For the 4th we took a day trip to Willow Springs and enjoyed some fishing with my sister's family and my dad.
Colton really enjoyed fishing and just being outdoors - he's all boy!
The men relaxing! (While the women kept the kids out of the water!)

When it started to rain we decided to head home and on our way back we stopped at a lookout point and Christopher Creek

Colton - about to throw a rock at me!

Maddie's Birthday
We celebrated Maddie's 6th Birthday at my dad's.
Take a deep breath!
Watching Lane

My sister-in-law Anna is a real-life nurse now so we got to watch Lane a few days a week. Colton is so cute with Lane - it gives me hope that he'll be nice to a brother or a sister (no, not yet)

Colton's Birthday

Colton, actullay made it to his 3rd birthday without one trip to the ER! I really didn't think that was going to be possible, but he did it! Since December, he's been fascinated with trains. So I found some wood track (that worked with what he had already) on Craig's List and refinished them so that they all looked the same (and you can tell his apart).
The night before I set it up and put a blanket over it so it would be a surprise.
Believe it or not, this isn't even all of the track - I was able to get all of these pieces for less than 20 bucks! (I love a good deal!)

We celebrated his Birthday at my sister's house so all the kids could use their BIG water slide. They had a lot of fun and Colton LOVED all of his presents!My Birthday

I spent a few days at my mom's to get things ready for our move-in and Seth and Colton were going to meet me there on my birthday. To my surprise, though when I arrived at my mom's I found a cleaning crew there! My sister-in-law, Stacy, paid to have the house cleaned so that I wouldn't have to do anything but relax for the 2 days I was there all by myself! My mom felt bad for leaving me on my birthday. I told her, "I am a 32 year mother with a husband and 3 year old son. What does anyone in that position want for their birthday? PEACE and QUIET!" It was the best!While they were alone, Seth took Colton on the light rail in downtown Phoenix! He LOVED IT!

Saying Goodbyes

With our move to Queen Creek, we won't be going to the same Speech and Occupational Therapists, so this was his last week with Miss Brandy and Miss Pam. They were so wonderful for Colton and for Seth and I. Colton's been with Brandy for over a year now - before he could even talk! He's made so much progress with their help!
Miss Brandy (Colton looks so panged in this picture because he wanted me to leave - even he needs some "alone time")

Miss Pam

Finally, we said goodbye to the Sunburst ward today. Specifically to Colton's nursery leader, Sister Seamans. She's been so good to Colton and we look forward to meeting up with her at the Mesa Temple so she and Colton can hang out!