Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Whew! What a day! I don't know how all of you mom's out there with more than one kid do this?!? I guess since they're not all the same age, huh?
Here's all of our pics - Enjoy!

The Fireman and his Daddy

Doing the Pumpkin Walk - Doesn't he look happy?

How do I get this off?

This is supposed to scare me?

I could not get Colton to stay in one place long enough to get a good picture... here he is after finding a good mud puddle to play in.

Here's the picture I used to make the pumpkin pattern

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween! (I'm off to the store to buy some Pepto after all of the candy I ate - HA HA)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Almost Halloween

I love Halloween! Which is a funny statement coming from me since I don't really like dressing up. Maybe its just that this is the time of year when it finally starts to cool down at night in Arizona... or because carving pumpkins is so fun... or because now I have a kid to dress up! Colton is going as a firefighter this year. BIG thanks to Aunt Holly and Cousin Zane (he doesn't know yet) for letting us borrow the costume. And a BIG thanks Nanny-G who made the costume last year for Zane - it is an exact replica of Uncle Matt's real "uniform." Pretty cool, eh? Tonight is our Ward's halloween party so we'll take lots of pics to post.

Here are some pumpkins I carved of my niece and nephews:

Parker (I think this one turned out the best!)


Monday, October 22, 2007

Reminder to go to the Temple

I couldn't resist...
Isn't this a great picture?

Monday, October 15, 2007

Our Week(s) in Pictures

It's been pretty quiet around here the last couple of weeks (well as quiet as can be expected with a 15 month old). We spent Conference weekend with our families (Seth was in Houston for a job fair). Colton got to hang out with all of his aunts/uncles/cousins and all of the family pets (5 dogs in total!)

I read all three of the Twilight series books... Ok I know a ton of people have already blogged about them so I won't bore you with how much I loved them - but suffice it to say I'm having withdrawals! I must thank Tricia for this. I read on her blog (back in August) that she had to go to a few different book stores before she finally found Eclipse in stock - Thanks Trish! (I've now got my mom and sister reading them too)

OH, one more thing about the books - for all of my Canadian friends, yes that means you, Wendy, Nikki and Barbara-Ann and anyone else who might be reading this, the author, Stephanie Meyer is going to be at the Indigo Books and Music (on Bloor) on November 2nd. You guys should go!

Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

Colton fell asleep trying to take off his shoes.

Colton was playing on the porch with some water and I caught him on all fours 'slurping' the water off of the cement! Notice the mud around his face? YUCK! (He's all BOY!)

Colton was Madison's "living doll" - she loved playing dress up with him!

On Friday, we met my sister, Emily and her three kids at the Phoenix Zoo. We're waiting in line for the train in this picture.

Maddie and Parker on the train.

I've stopped trying to keep this sliding glass door clean - ha ha!

Last but not least... Colton would "catch" me reading when he thought I should be playing with him and he'd try and take the book away from me. One time he went and got one of his books and threw it at me. Message recieved loud and clear - I now read when he's in bed!

Monday, October 1, 2007

Colton's First "Real" Haircut

Colton's hair was starting to bug me so I took him down for his first "real" haircut (I'd given him a few trims before). He was so good! I couldn't believe how long he sat there without moving. Well, it could've been the sucker they gave him - but whatever it was I was grateful!

When I look at these pictures I wonder how I could ever get mad at him.