Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Whew! What a day! I don't know how all of you mom's out there with more than one kid do this?!? I guess since they're not all the same age, huh?
Here's all of our pics - Enjoy!

The Fireman and his Daddy

Doing the Pumpkin Walk - Doesn't he look happy?

How do I get this off?

This is supposed to scare me?

I could not get Colton to stay in one place long enough to get a good picture... here he is after finding a good mud puddle to play in.

Here's the picture I used to make the pumpkin pattern

Hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween! (I'm off to the store to buy some Pepto after all of the candy I ate - HA HA)


Wendy said...

It looks like Colton had lots of fun for his first "real" Halloween. It's so fun when they can actually enjoy it. And by the way, you look amazing - good for you!!

The Driggs said...

I love that Colton's costume reflects so much! And how did you do his face on the pumpkin? That is so cool! Hey, my aunt just informed me that she is friends with your mother-in-law, and that my mom was friends with her too! Small world!

Shelley said...

Such cute pics! :) He's a cute little fireman!

Dave and Tricia Folsom Family Fun said...

Colton's firefighter costume looks great! And Becky - I am seriously impressed with your pumpkin carving skills! How can I have know you for SOOOO many years and not know you posess this skill! Very impressive!

Audycamp said...

ok AMAZING pumpkin carving!! Wow! This is Audra (Curtis) Campbell a friend of Seth's in HS. I found your blog through Becky's & have linked you guys to mine. Glad you are back home now!