Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Almost Halloween

I love Halloween! Which is a funny statement coming from me since I don't really like dressing up. Maybe its just that this is the time of year when it finally starts to cool down at night in Arizona... or because carving pumpkins is so fun... or because now I have a kid to dress up! Colton is going as a firefighter this year. BIG thanks to Aunt Holly and Cousin Zane (he doesn't know yet) for letting us borrow the costume. And a BIG thanks Nanny-G who made the costume last year for Zane - it is an exact replica of Uncle Matt's real "uniform." Pretty cool, eh? Tonight is our Ward's halloween party so we'll take lots of pics to post.

Here are some pumpkins I carved of my niece and nephews:

Parker (I think this one turned out the best!)



Becky's Blog said...

Becky! you did those?? i didn't know that you're such an artist. :) you should make one of colten.

Becky's Blog said...

sorry - I spelled colton's name wrong.

Wendy said...

I still remember the pumpkin you carved last year - so awesome! I need to remember to show Ken, presently he is snoring on the couch!

stacy_ellingson said...

Hey Becky! I found your blog from Tricia's! You're little boy is so dang cute! And the pumpkins - you are so talented! We need to get together soon- I think about all the fun times we used to have and miss seeing all the girls!

Traeger Tribe said...

STACY! How the Heck are ya? email me at beckytraeger at yahoo dot com - I would LOVE to get together and "play" - I can't believe you have 3 girls!