Thursday, March 26, 2009

Best Idea EVER!

Ok, I know - another month has passed!

Last semester my friend Wendy had the best idea. She suggested a dinner swap - she would cook on Monday nights for her family and mine and then I would cook on Wednesday nights. I made sure, of course, that she knew I was not the best cook! It was such a nice change of pace not to have to cook one night a week and it was really easy to just cook more for her family. Well, this semester (I can't imagine telling time without the constraints of "semester") we added our friend Abby to the mix. Now I get Mondays and Thursdays off from cooking dinner! Oh and they are way better cooks than me :) Seriously how did I get so lucky! On Monday, we ate homemade lasagna and a home made baguette and tonight we had pork with a cranberry sauce and mashed potatoes! This is probably the only reason I'm going to be sad to graduate - no more nights off from cooking!

So, if you have a friend who lives close (Abby, Wendy and I are all in the same apartment complex) and whose family size is about the same as yours then suggest this great idea!

P.S. I just noticed that nice "smudge" on the camera... guess Colton's been sneeking it again!