Wednesday, November 21, 2007

She's HERE!

Emily and baby girl (still no name) are doing excellent considering the circumstances. She weighed 3lbs 11oz and came out screaming (good sign). She's in the NICU but they didn't have to intibate (sp?) her. More details to come.

Monday, November 19, 2007

November is Prematurity Awareness Month

Save Babies From Premature BirthWell, it's been a crazy five days. My sister, Emily, is 31 weeks pregnant and has Pre-eclampsia. I don't want to share too much since I don't know how much she would want other people to know, but she's in the hospital now and the doctors are doing their best to keep her and the baby safe... The hope is that she can make it to 32 weeks which is next Sunday. We had a family fast for her yesterday, and we're already starting to see the blessings from it. She's much more comfortable now so hopefully she'll be able to make it as long as possible. I just found out that the March of Dimes has designated November as prematurity awareness month. It's funny how you don't realize these things until it hits close to home. I love my little sister so much! I'm so glad that we are here in AZ and can help her and her family! Please keep her and the baby (they haven't picked out a name yet - she just found out she's having a girl!) in your prayers.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Love Lucy! - Colton's favorite tv show

Anytime Colton hears the theme music to "I Love Lucy," he goes nuts! This is one of my all time favorite shows (I dressed up as her for Halloween one year) so I love that he gets so excited. It's funny, though, because he could care less about the show, it's just the beginning that he likes. Here's two reactions we were able to catch on camera... Usually he's doing both the dance and the clapping and screaming together, but whenever I got the camera out he wouldn't "cooperate" - what kid does?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Happy Birthday Oma!

Today is Oma's Birthday and we just wanted her to know how much we love and appreciate her! Yesterday we surprised her at work - Colton walked into her office carrying a flower and a balloon (it was the greatest picture I never took - ha ha - I brought the camera and went to snap a picture but when I turned it on I found out that I had left the memory card in the computer the night before - AGH!) Then we took her to lunch at Oregano's! It was great because we were actually able to surprise her! We love you Oma - Hope you have a great and restful day!

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Thanksgiving is WHEN?

Seriously, Thanksgiving is only 11 days away! Where has the time gone? Maybe the weather and all has thrown me off. It has been in the 80's and 90's (29 -35 degrees celsius for my Canadian Friends!)

Well, regardless, we've been keeping ourselves busy. Seth is really busy with school! A few times this week he's left before we got up and wasn't able to come home until after Colton was asleep! Colton loves his daddy too... every morning and afternoon (if Seth comes home) he cries when Seth has to go to school. It makes me happy that he loves him so much. Colton loves it when Seth lays on the floor and he can "sit" on him.
On Wednesday we went to the zoo with the "Thunderkids" group. All the mom's whose husbands are at Thunderbird get together at least once a week for an activity. Usually Colton is sleeping so we don't get to go, but since they were going to the Zoo I thought we could try and push his nap back... lets just say that he didn't like not having his nap at the usual time... here's one good picture I got with him.
The rest of the time he looked like this:

Isn't he so cute? Really though we did have fun and it was so nice to socialize with all of the other moms. Maybe one of these days he'll decide to change his nap time and then we can hang out more with them.

Today was our primary program in church. A little over a month ago Seth and I were called to be in the primary as teachers for the 5 and 6 yr olds. They are so cute and fun and there are 8 - 10 of them on any given Sunday! They all did a good job in the program - it's hard enough for me to sit still and I'm 30... For the closing song, the primary sang "I Wonder When He Comes Again" and then on the second verse the congregation joined in. This is my favorite song and by the time the second verse started I was of course crying... It really felt like we were singing to Christ personally:
"...Then, when that blessed day is here,
He’ll love me and he’ll say,
“You’ve served me well, my little child;
Come unto my arms to stay.”