Wednesday, November 14, 2007

I Love Lucy! - Colton's favorite tv show

Anytime Colton hears the theme music to "I Love Lucy," he goes nuts! This is one of my all time favorite shows (I dressed up as her for Halloween one year) so I love that he gets so excited. It's funny, though, because he could care less about the show, it's just the beginning that he likes. Here's two reactions we were able to catch on camera... Usually he's doing both the dance and the clapping and screaming together, but whenever I got the camera out he wouldn't "cooperate" - what kid does?


Wendy said...

Too cute - he seems quite musical - the stomping looked like he was keeping time.

January huh??

Jen said...

that is hilarious! i love that he moves sideways in the first video! (oh by the way, hey, i didn't even know you guys had a blog and then i saw you on becky's!)

Seth Johnson said...

that's awesome. I was laughing outloud