Monday, March 31, 2008


We had a great Easter! The weather was perfect and it was so nice to be with family. Here are some photos... Thanks to my friend, Jen, for trying to get Colton to stand for the group picture at Thunderkids. You know Colton, if everyone else is doing it, then he definitely doesn't want to be doing it! (Thunderkids is a group we go to each week. This group is made up of parents whose spouse or significant other is attending Thunderbird). This week's activity was an Easter Egg hunt. So while the older kids were learning about the ocean, Colton and I went outside to hide the eggs. Colton, however thought he should pick them up after me, so it made hiding them a little harder. I think I really confused him when I then tried to get him to "find" them and put them in his basket... I'm sure if he could talk he'd say, "Sheesh mom! Make up your mind. Can I pick them up or not?"
On Thursday, we met Emily and her kids, along with my mom, at the zoo! We had a blast... but we didn't see too many animals (except for the ones we were toting around). We walked around a lot and tired out our kids though - it was great!

Colton is really starting to enjoy hanging out with his cousins. He loved being in the stroller with Maddie and he loves following Austin around to see what kind of trouble they can get into together. As you can also see, Colton was pooped and promptly fell asleep before we even made it to the freeway! (I took this picture while I was driving - that's why it's not centered!)

Here is Seth and Colton at our Ward Easter Picnic - we didn't even attempt the easter egg hunt here.

On Sunday, we went over to Nanny and Papa's (my grandparents) and Colton finally (3rd time) started to figure out the whole "egg hunt" thing. It definitely helped when he realized that there was chocolate in the eggs!

Colton and his cousin Zane were the only two doing the easter egg hunt at Nanny and Papa's since the next oldest cousin is 8 (I think) I don't think they minded it one bit!

After Nanny and Papa's we went over to Oma's and Opa's (ha ha - that sounds funny) But for some reason I didn't take any pics, but we had a GREAT time over there too! The food was delicious and we had plenty of leftovers to take home!
It is so great to be with family for the holidays!


Greg and Tammy said...

Hey Becky--I just came by your blog--you sent me an e-mail about your blog a while ago (or maybe you posted on our blog--who knows) Anyway, just thought I'd say hello.

Jen and Eric Petty said...

Don't you know I have a policy to only be BEHIND the camera? Ha ha. Thanks for the very flattering shot!

kjkabm said...

hey there, I have changed the address of my blog... E-mail me and I will send it to you!

The Nunes' said...

I can't believe that is Zane, he looks just like a little Matt!