Sunday, March 9, 2008

Introducing Cooper!

This is our newest nephew - Cooper! He was born on February, 21st to Claire and Cody. This is Colton's first Traeger cousin so he's excited too - he was quite fascinated by his nose and eyes. I'm sure Colton will be even happier when Cooper can help him knock over all of the 2 litre bottles at Oma and Opa's.

Holding Cooper I realized just how BIG Colton is now! Then when I saw the diapers I was shocked! Granted Colton never did fit in that size to begin with, but Colton really is growing up and is in full "toddler" mode now.

Congratulations Claire and Cody! Now that you've entered parenthood you must have a blog!


Brianne said...

That is a beautiful baby! Tell Clare I said congrats she probably wont know who I am unless you tell her that I am Kyle Carmichael's cousin.

Erin said...

Nice pics! How you doing over there in the heat? It's still anywhere from 0 - 20C or so here. (No coat, light coat, heavy coat - which do I wear - ack!) Would you please get on Skype sometime - and put Colton on? Got to make sure he recognizes me when I get home in August. :)

Claire Riding said...

Thanks for doing such a cute blog on Cooper! I'm so glad you and Colton could come visit us!