Sunday, June 22, 2008


I figured I should just title this post June since it's almost over and who knows if I'll get a chance to post again! Summer is definitely here in full force. We are experiencing our 8th or 9th day of 110 degrees or more - which means LOTS of swimming! We just got back from spending another 2 weeks at my parents. This gives Seth a chance to do some studying during the week and then he came out on the weekends and we got to go to the Temple - YEAH!
Here's some of the photos from what we've been up to:

Colton hanging out at my Sister's "Community Pool" - it's really cool they have this pool that is just for kids - it's only 1.5 feet at the deepest!
Colton really enjoys our "Chicken Enchilada Soup" - But you couldn't tell, could you?
Family Photo Op - Right before we "ditched" Colton with the Grandparents so Seth and I could go out on a date! :) (BTW we went to see "Maid of Honor" - We DO NOT recommend it! We actually got up and left after the first 20 minutes and got our money back!)
Guess who found the Chocolate Cake? Anyone want a hug?
And, Finally, going for a ride with the "Cousins"
We figured out last night that 4 of the last 6 weeks we've spent at my mom's house in Queen Creek! It was so nice - but it's also nice to be home and getting back in the swing of things! I'm so excited, Colton starts his speech therapy tomorrow! Keep him in your prayers that he'll be able to start talking soon :)!
Oh and thankfully he's put fuzz up his nose only one more time! AAGHHH!


Claire Riding said...

Yeah for new posts! I was beginning to think something was wrong. I'm glad to hear that you have been able to spend time out at your Mom's house. I'm sure Colton enjoys having his cousins to play with. You and Colton need to come out to the Riding's one of these days and go swimming with us. Cooper is quite the advanced swimmer...yeah right. Best of luck with the speech therapy. Let me know how it goes!

Wendy said...

I hope the speech therapy goes well! As for our summer plans - I'm teaching summer school for three weeks, them I'm off to visit my sister and meet number four - Anna - for two weeks, then it's home to pack and move! So I'll be a little busy. Where's Seth doing his work placement?

The Thunder Family said...

boy we miss you guys but since you haven't been around, I'm glad we're gone too! :) Hope that the therapy went well!

Jen Petty said...

Oh, we miss the pool so much... but we do not miss the heat! Colton, I like Chicken Enchilada Soup too!

kjkabm said...

Ok Becky, next time you are out in QC call me! I live right there! We could do dinner or something. I could call Joy too. Here's my e-mail. keep in touch!
Jeni M.

kjkabm said...

Oh, and I noticed the link you have to my blog isn't right. I thought I told you I changed it.. it is

TIFFANY & CO. said...

i'm curious why you guys don't recommend the movie ... was it just dumb or did it have too much bad stuff after only 20 minutes?

also, i think i've told you before, marina LOVED all her theropy stuff and it helped a lot! do you have a name yet for who will be visiting you guys? i'm sure you'll have someone different since you're not in the gilbert area.

The Driggs said...

Colton is so cute. And his face looks like mine after I've licked the chocolate batter bowl! Glad you and Seth could go on a date and also go to the Temple.

Erin said...

Yeah - a new post! I still need to add the pics from Sofija and post them, so check my blog in the next few days. Can't believe I only have two more months here. See you all soon!

The Nunes' said...

The kids keep asking when Colton is coming over! I guess it's all ready time to come back out again!

james n mary said...

yay! i'm glad to see you are still blogging! i was wondering what was going on!!! colton will probably think speech thereapy is a huge game! i thought it was when i was little!