Monday, July 7, 2008

4th of July!

We had a great 4th of July! We went up to Taylor, AZ (where my dad grew up) and Colton got to experience his 1st 4th of July in the USA! Before we left, though, we decided to make more cookies for the neighbors - just in case they were wondering about our patriotism - haha! I think they enjoyed the double shot of cookies!
We left Thursday night (after Seth took a mid-term) and got up to Taylor around 1:30am. We only saw one elk but it was HUGE - thankfully Seth let a car pass us that had better headlights/brights or we would've been toast! We also decided that this is the BEST time to travel with Colton as he slept the WHOLE time!

We loved being able to be with my dad and reliving my own childhood of spending the 4th up in Taylor, AZ. My dad just finished building another house up there that he hasn't sold yet, so we were able to all stay there together with my sister, Emily and her family - which was a lot of fun! Colton loved being able to run around outside on an acre lot and I loved the fact that it was fenced! We all went with Grandpa to the "Cowboy Poetry Reading" on Friday night (unfortunately that one didn't last too long), went to the Connelly family BBQ (Otis Connelly, my dad's friend, barbequed 100lbs of Pork and chicken!), visited my 3rd great Aunt's house (see post below) and of course finished out the weekend with the Taylor Rodeo and fireworks on Saturday night.

Here are the Pictures to prove it! :) (WARNING - Picture Overload!)

Grandpa and Kinsley just hanging out

Seth and my dad flying a kite - it only held the kids' attention for a little bit. After that, the adults had more fun flying it than they did! .

Here we are at the Cowboy Poetry reading - as you can see the kids had more fun wrestling Seth down than listening :)

Everyone making Smores!

Do you think he knows how cute he is!?

Colton and Grandpa feeding a pony - Colton didn't like it that much.

At the Connelly Family Barbeque

Grandpa telling Colton about how he used to ride those bulls!

Colt0n wasn't too impressed with the Rodeo, but he thought it was worth it once the fireworks started!

Colton LOVED the fireworks!But they still couldn't keep him from falling asleep only 5 min after they started!

Thank you Grandpa Mac for your hospitality this weekend! We had a blast! I can't believe how many people we ran into as well! I saw a friend that I've known since the 7th grade (but I haven't seen her since her wedding) and a missionary from my mission. Seth ran into a friend from High School too - it was so much fun!


Brianne said...

I am jealous that you went to Taylor for the 4th. I grew up there and miss the rodeo and fireworks every year when we can't make it. Sounds like you had a great time! Love all the pictures.

Paola said...

Hey Becky! How are you girl! It's nice to see you on the ol' blog-o-sphere! I think you guys are such a wonderful family! I was particularly interested in this Cowboy Poetry Reading. I LOVE cowboy poetry. It's hilarious! I think that it would be so fun to have a cowboy poetry reading party! So go to my blog and tell me all about it...because I might forget to check back for your answer here!

Hope you're having a fantstic summer girl! I love the pictures of smiley-faced-Colton!

Talk to you later!
Paola Brown

Susan said...

Ah, you guys are so cute. Colton sure is growing up fast! We sure miss you guys even though we're in the same state. We'll have to try and get together sometime. I check your blog lots and love all the updates. Here's ours...
Susan Dixon

james n mary said...

yay! looks like a fabtabolous time! yay!

The Riding Family said...

That looked like so much fun! Colton can fall asleep wherever, doing whatever (eating food for example). Is he a heavy sleeper? I guess so, unless Seth's cell phone vibrates...right? I'm glad we got to see you last night, but I'm sorry you got stuck in that horrible traffic! Better luck next time.