Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Good Friends = Good Times

I think I was around 9 years old when I was driving in the car with my mom. I had just watched another mom and her teenage daughter in a big fight. I looked at my mom and with all the naivety that a 9 year old has I told her: "I'll never talk to you that way!" Well, of course, my mom just laughed it off and said that I probably would, even though I promised her that I never would (yep, she was right)... but the thing I remember most about that day was that she told me there would be a time in my life when my friends would be more important to me than she would be and that the only thing she hoped is that I would pick good friends... Well of course she was right and thankfully from Jr. High on I always had a good group of friends.

Some of us got together last week for a play date at the park and then again on Saturday for lunch (without the kiddos)! We had a great time, it was so nice to see so many of them again. I realized that a few of them I've known for almost 20 years now! Yes, we also talked about how old we were getting... it'll be 14 years this May since we graduated high school.

Here's some pics:
Colton (looking a little wasted) and Tommy Maxwell. They're only a few weeks apart.

Lauren Folsom and Colton

With Micah and Tricia at Tia Rosa's
No Kids + Good Food = FUN!

Good to see you Trish!


KaCHeRS said...

How FUN is that!? Colton and Lauren looked so cute - how much older is she than him? Is it possible years down the road they could date? Why is it so funny to think about those things? And I love that you shared you mother daughter moment - haha! And dinner was AWESOME THANKS!!

Erin Wittwer said...

14 years since you graduated? Man you ARE OLD!! Ha ha just kidding! It's been about 7 years for me! I don't feel like you and I are that far apart in age!

Nick and Maddy Winward said...

Looks like fun! Congrats on the mommy time 'alone'!!

Darci said...

How fun for you! I miss my girlfriends from AZ...we keep in touch now with the blog! (Sounds like "the Blob") Kinda scary...tee hee! ;0) Anyway, hope you can do things like that more often, it helps to recharge our mother batteries! Love you!

james n mary said...

i love this post.

Darci said...

Hey Cuz, I am going private with my blog so I need your email address in order to mail you an invite! I love blogging with you, so I want you in the know!!! Please contact me -k- I'll be doing this soon...if you haven't caught me in time, reach me at Love you!

The Duxbury Family said...

Hey Becky! I loved this post, and also that one of Colton catching Mommy and Daddy kissing in the kitchen! So cute...I love it! I am trying to do better with commenting on friends posts.
I love that photo of you and your friends at the restaurant. You look so pretty and happy, Becky!! Colton is such a handsome boy! Tell Seth hi!

james n mary said...

becky! fox has been falling asleep at lunchtimes in his high chair just like a post you did a looong time ago. totally made me think of you when i saw fox do it. i'll have to post it up sometime this week :)

The Riding Family said...

Tia Rosa's...Yummy! It has been months and months since I've seen you, Seth, or Colton!