Friday, May 22, 2009

Graduation, Global Gala and Goodbyes!

(It only took 3 weeks to post)

It's hard to believe how FAST the time has gone, but also funny to think how slow it felt at times too! Colton was only 13 months when we moved here and had just started walking - now he's almost three and won't slow down!

The graduation ceremony was great (but also really long - glad we left Colton with a babysitter). We took some pics beforehand so that we could have Colton in them.
My boys! (Aren't they adorable?)
Traeger Family 2009

Unfortunately, I took the pictures of Seth at graduation (I should never be in charge of pictures!) so here's the ones that sort of turned out.
From L to R: Ann, Ron, Hank, Carrie, Sheryl, Elva, Ken and Karl
Thanks guys for coming out to support Seth!

To start the ceremony they had the "Parade of International Flags" featuring 35 nations - Each flag was carried by a graduating student from that nation who then introduced their country.

Our friend, Petko, carrying the Bulgarian flag

I already warned you that my picture taking abilities are greatly lacking... well, I didn't even see Seth as he walked by during the processional, so I had to run up the aisle and try again!
This was my 2nd attempt!

By the time they got to calling the names I realized my best chance of catching something memorable was to use the video feature. Here is Seth's name being called and accepting his diploma (also got Dawson in there too!).

If you watch the video, you'll see Seth "tapping elbows" with the school's president. He asked that the students do this because of Swine Flu fears.
The family with the graduate!

With our friends, the Webster's. This was the only pic we got of friends after the ceremony. Thanks Wendy for sending this to us - of course our's did not turn out as nicely! :)

Graduation ended a little after 5 and by 7:30 we were out the door to the Global Gala for all of the graduates.

Don't we look like we should be going to Homecoming? Ha Ha

With Petko and Nellie

Just say No! ha ha - Petko wanted Seth to try a cigar - not gonna happen :)

Finally they let us take a nice picture!

We had a great time at the Global Gala but we were exhausted so we came home at 10:30. Aren't we the party animals?

With graduation, comes Goodbyes and the first of many were the Websters. They packed up and moved out only 2 days after graduation! (Wendy I don't know how you did it?!) Xander and Colton became great friends over the last (almost) 2 years and even 3 weeks later he still wants to go to "Xando's house"

Trying to "hide" in Xander's car - I have a feeling they wouldn't be able to get too far without realizing that Colton was in their car!

Goodbye Xander, Eliza, Wendy and Ben! We miss you guys already!

PHEW! What a weekend it was! (Glad it's over!)


TIFFANY & CO. said...

Cute skirts! And congrats to your fam!! I wish someone would've sent me the memo that graduation and 3 kids don't mix well.

Dave and Tricia Folsom Family Fun said...

Congratulations on graduation! That is funny about the bumping elbows instead of shaking hands! At Dave's ceremony they had a hand sanitation area set up and as the graduates started up the ramp to the stage they had to sanitize their hands.