Saturday, June 13, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Well, after a rough start... 7 days to be exact -- Colton finally likes swimming lessons! Somehow I pictured it going a lot smoother than it did, but with only 2 lessons left, he finally did it all without crying.

The problem, we found out, had nothing to do with the lesson part, it was having to hold on to the wall while the teacher took the other kids (one at a time) out into the water to practice by themselves. Colton H-A-T-E-D that part. All he would do was cry and occasionally pull himself up and out of the pool.

But, we kept going back everyday and I would sit as close to the pool as I could (about 25 ft away) and
CRINGE for a half an hour. The funny part was that he didn't cry when we would get to the pool or even as we waited for his class to start - not until he had to hold on to the side. (Which, by the way, I can totally understand - but he needed to learn, right?)Each day as we waited for class to start I would ask him if he could laugh or blow bubbles instead of crying and he would just look at me and say, "No, mommy, I cry" -- like that's just how it's going to be so you better get used to it.

I'm glad we didn't quit since the second to last day he got in like normal, but this time not one peep! I think he was actually LAUGHING during part of it. I made sure it wasn't a fluke - sure enough the next day he was loving it again. So, I signed him up for two more sessions.Oh this kid of ours! We should know by now that nothing new is easy, but it's usually worth it!

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