Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween 2009

This year was so much fun with Colton! He's the perfect age to enjoy Halloween, without being too scared. Of course this year he went as Thomas so we dressed up Seth as "Sir Topham Hat"... however a few people thought he was Abraham Lincoln - Ha Ha
Seth is such a good sport... always letting me dress him up!
Hanging out at the Trunk or Treat

My entry for the pumpkin carving contest (not the best pic)

My 4th Annual "Colton Pumpkin"... I wasn't very happy with how it turned out. My sister, Emily and another guy from our ward thought it was Barack O'Bama! Ha Ha

Excuse the poor lighting... but hearing Colton's voice is so cute!


KaCHeRS said...

YOU carved that one of Colton? HOW?!? Colton is a great Thomas! Been thinking about you - so glad to hear an update! :>

Rachel Hanchett said...

That is amazing! How did you carve that one of Colten?? Seth would make a great Lincoln, in fact my sister has a friend that is doing a photo shoot about the founding fathers and the savior and last I heard she was looking for a Lincoln maybe Seth should check it out!

TIFFANY & CO. said...

Cute. I thought Seth was Abe too when I first opened your blog. How are you feeling these days?

Wendy said...

Your pumpkins are always so amazing! I wish you were here to carve one of Kate!

Bryan and Katie said...

WOA super pumpkin carving skills! I don't know how you develop a talent like that but you sure did! amazing!

Nick and Maddy Winward said...

Looks like a fun evening! Your pumpkins turned out great!

james n mary said...

i did a hello kitty pumpkin carving last year! hahaha abe lincoln.