Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Monday Night by the Numbers

29 - Number of Seth's Birthdays celebrated (picture from Oregano's)
1 hour - Amount of time Colton cried for when we dropped him off at Aunt Claire's and Uncle Cody's
10pm - Time Colton first woke up throwing up
6 - Amount of times Colton threw up
4 - Amount of times Colton threw up ON ME!
4 - Baths Colton took
3 - Loads of Laundry for all of the puke
1 hour - Amount of sleep both Colton and I got that night
1 Final - at 8am for Seth

How come kids only get sick at night?


Jen said...

oh my! those are not good numbers at all!

Elisha said...

Oh Becky! That's so awful! I just hope Colton's parents don't get whatever bug he has! Good luck!

TIFFANY & CO. said...

some how, so far i've escaped puking kids ... i think HF knows i wouldn't handle it well!! but i'm sure my time will come.

Johnson Family said...

Happy Belated Birthday Seth! We are making our blog private. Send us your email address so we can invite you! Ryan & Jennifer