Saturday, December 1, 2007

Where's the Ark?

Wow! We've gotten a lot of rain these past couple of days! It has rained more in the last 2 days than the previous 11 months put together.

Quick update on Emily. She's doing great - She's home recuperating now and making daily trips to see Kinsley in the NICU. Kinsley is doing good too. She's back up to her birth weight and continuing to gain. They're hoping she'll be coming home for Christmas.

Colton and I have been fighting a cold all week and we officially lost last night! When Colton can't breathe through his nose, he thinks he's dying - ha ha. So, we both had rough nights and days today. Between the colds and the rain Colton is feeling a little couped up!

One more piece of news - Colton has a new trick... When we have our family prayer we always ask him to fold his arms, then we try to fold them for him and whoever's turn it is to pray starts before Colton realizes whats happening. The other day we knelt down to pray and as usual asked Colton to fold his arms and then HE DID! We were so surprised! Yeah, something is sinking in!!

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Wendy said...

It's so neat to watch very small children learn by example. I'm glad your sister and her baby are doing well too. That would be very special if she were home by Christmas.

I hope you're enjoying the rain - we're enjoying snow, freezing rain and rain - all in 24 hours!