Wednesday, April 1, 2009


What a weekend we had...

It started off on Friday night. I got to go out to dinner with just the girls from Thunderbird! We went to Claim Jumper - YUMMY! The IWFC club paid for dessert too - yes, I even ate a big piece of this chocolate cake: (It was a foot tall!)

On Saturday, we headed over to another student's house in Scottsdale for a BBQ and then went from there to Seth's parents house. They watched Colton while Seth and I went to the "Divine Performing Arts" at Gammage. They are a touring group from New York and feature classical chinese dance and music. We had 6th row seats too! It was very beautiful. By the time we got back to Glendale, though, it was midnight! (Thankfully Colton slept until 8 the next morning)

The next morning, Sunday, we headed out to Surprise (yep, that's the name of a city in AZ) to attend Lane Lincoln Eagar's blessing. He's the newest Traeger grandson - there are 3 in all now(Colton, Cooper and Lane)! Aren't they cute? (This was the only picture that wasn't blurry - hopefully Anna or Claire got a better one!) Oh and it just made me realize how BIG Colton is getting too :) He is such a cutie with Lane. He's always trying to share toys with him (wish he'd do that with the kids his own age).

We also decided to go to Seth's parents in Gilbert, that night, for dinner. You can't pass up Oma's Chicken and Rice!

It was a great weekend with friends, family and food!


Nick and Maddy Winward said...

What fun! Wow! He has gotten so big, where did all the time go?

Gabbitas Family said...

Colton looks so big next to those boys, and grown up! And, how could I go without saying how impressed I am that you have been updating your blog on a "regular" basis ;-).

The Riding Family said...

I'm so glad we got pictures of all three of them together. I can't wait for them all to be a few years older so they can play together.
That cake was huge! Has Seth ever told you about the 7 layer cake we made when my parents were out of town?

The Riding Family said...

Becky, I'm impressed with your runs! I can't believe you've run over 300 miles since my parents got you your Nike+ last year. Don't you love that thing?

james n mary said...

i guess i couldn't pull a fast one you guys! lolz. totally NOT prego at all. i love the pic of all three of them together. i have no idea how you did it.