Tuesday, April 15, 2008

How much can be fit into one weekend?


It was such a BUSY weekend that I needed all of yesterday just to recuperate (well as much as you can with Colton). We celebrated 2 Birthdays, attended 2 baby blessings, played in a Basketball tournament, and gave a presentation to potential Thunderbird students!

Here we are, rooting on Daddy. His team lost in the second round, but the good news is that they played well and were good sports!

Colton and I left Seth's BBall game to go to Mesa for my Great-Grandmother's 94th Birthday!

My Grandma Wike is so great, I have so many wonderful memories of her and playing at her house when I was growing up! Unfortunately, because of her age she forgets who I am (she tried to introduce me to my uncle Gary at the party - he's known me for 30 years!) but I still love her so much. She always says that her grandchildren, great-grandchildren, and great-great grandchildren are her pride and joy. I know that we feel the same way about her too!

From Grandma's party we rushed back to Glendale and Seth and I gave a presentation to some potential Thunderbird students on "Family Life" at T-Bird... we don't have any pictures, but you can probably imagine what Colton was doing while I was giving my part of the presentation. I reassured these guys that Colton did not go to classes!

On Sunday, we drove to Phoenix for Cooper's baby Blessing. It was great. He slept through most of it but I'm sure Claire will tell him all about it when he's older. Here's the Traeger Family (minus Erin and Ben - we missed you Erin and Ben!)

We left the Luncheon and rushed to Queen Creek to make it for Kinsley's blessing. By this point Colton had had enough! We made it through the blessing and decided that we wouldn't torture him further by making him sit through another sacrament meeting so we went back to my mom's to wait for everyone there. (I'm sad though because I missed my mom and my sister bear their testimonies!) I think we were all so tired at this point that I forgot to take any more pics so I stole these from my sister's blog.

It was also my nephew, Austin's, 3rd Birthday so we celebrated after the blessing. Here he is blowing out the candles... isn't he funny!?

We made it back to Glendale later that night. Dragging our tired feet up the sidewalk but we realized how grateful we are for our families and to be living closer to them, but we also realized that if we stay in Arizona (or return in a few years) we better live more centrally located!!


Wendy said...

"Action packed" would be a serious understatement! I find it very amusing that it seems to be feast or famine. You've got nothing to do for weeks and then in one weekend there are a million things to do! You must be so happy to be back near your family - no more missing out on family occasions!

The Nunes' said...

I was worn out just thinking about you this weekend! Of course we were very glad you could make it though- thanks for coming!

Dave and Tricia Folsom Family Fun said...

You really do know how to pack a lot into one weekend! I was just sitting here trying to think of something fun to do with Lauren since we have NOTHING we have to do and NOWHERE we have to be. Sometimes vegging out at home can be really nice.