Sunday, April 20, 2008

Our Week in Pictures

4 Moms + 7 Kids + 4 Strollers = 1 Exciting Time at the Zoo!

Thank you Chava and Beth for having Wendy and I (and our kiddies) as your guests! It was a great adventure and nice to see the zoo one more time before it really heats up!

Colton has become obsessed with fixing things! Here he is working on the stroller (trying to figure out how the break works - yeah he figured it out pretty quick!) One time I came in and he was on his back looking up at it, just like a mechanic would do... he is definitely smarter than we realize!

Emily and my mom (along with the kids) came out to see us on Friday. We went swimming and had a great time! Here is Parker doing an amazing cannonball (which yes, I did teach him how to do correctly) :)

Isn't being a kid during the summer the best?!

This week we also learned that Colton really likes baseball - at least the bat and ball anyways! Thanks to my friend Brianne (who blogged about this idea awhile ago), I knew the best way to make a homemade tee was from a milk jug. Here is Colton perfecting his swing.

Here's a video that Seth took of Colton setting up the "tee" - in it you can see why we have to keep the bat up sometimes.

Yesterday, I was trying to keep Colton up a little later than usual so that when he went down for his nap it would be during the Suns game so that both Seth and I could watch it together (see this post regarding our TV situation).

I gave him a cookie after lunch so that he would stay up a little longer... this is what I found 5 minutes later:

I was laughing so hard! I put him right down to bed and I'm happy to report that he slept until halfway through the 4th quarter of the game! Woo-Hoo! At which point we all went over to the club house to finish watching the game... Wasn't it a heartbreaker though? AGH! At one point I screamed and hit the couch (I was so into the game) and Colton looked right at me and did the same thing! It was pretty funny - they are always watching us!


KaCHeRS said...

I love that he fell asleep with the cookie in his mouth:> What a cutie!

The Thunder Family said...

we just love your family & your adventures. i'm so glad we'll get to spend the next year together neighbor! :)

Jen Petty said...

so many funny pictures. I LOVE the cookie in mouth picture and the cannonball. I was waiting to see Colton hit the ball in the video. I guess you'll have to post a new video with him hitting the ball.

Brianne said...

this cookie picture is hilarious! I love it. I have never seen anything like it. Usually when a kid gets a cookie it's gone whether they are sleepy or not.

Claire Riding said...

Colton must not be a real "Traeger" because we would stay awake to finish our cookies! What a cute guy...and so smart with the t-ball!

Kapri said...

looks like he had tons of fun! Love those boys!

Devenney's said...

THAT IS FRIGGIN HILARIOUS!!!! Nice try though...trying to change his schedule...ahahah.

Amy & Greg said...

I have heard about this post and picture, but hadn't seen it myself until today. LOVE the cookie out of his mouth. Who knew that a kid could be too tired to eat a cookie!